As a community led platform, we’ve listened and recognized the financialization of culture & creators creates misaligned incentives for many on both sides of the creator – fan spectrum. We intend for Nandi to strike a balance by rewarding creators & fans of content based upon intrinsic interest alone and pairing that with rewards for buying & selling through the platform. Those rewards also recognize the value of the users’ culture consumption profile data we will develop & combine with ethically collected 3rd party data sources to provide to creators as a resource.

Discovery = Distribution

For over a decade, the team at Nandi Labs has pioneered early discovery of Black digital creators through content curation & innovation that has captivated millions of viewers. Nandi will utilize those unique insights to build a unique platform that layers cultural context for potential buyers, like Netflix or Amazon’s recommendation algorithms.

We intend to embed ADA’s content library & other content partners within a “Culture Feed” on the Nandi platform to collect these insights but also to inform & educate lovers of Black culture on the diversity of the creators within the community. Nandi users will be rewarded for their consumption of the content through the Nandi token rewards program. Content partners equally will have their minted content or gated content libraries available for direct purchase in their Nandi Hub priced in fiat, crypto and $NANDI.

Community As-A Service

Our foundations over a decade have seen many platforms burn hot and flame out, but the unique property that has kept African Digital Art and other digital platforms alive at the core has been community.

So our marketplace approach is driven by that same lifeblood, but instead of instructing each creator to go out and create their own community in order to successfully launch meaningful NFT drops, we’ve done the hard work for them by creating the Nandi Cowry community as a resource that economically and philosophically benefit from successful NFT drops on Nandi.

This audience cross-pollination and shared benefit is core to the sustained growth of the larger Black creator community.

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