Nandi Labs provides a comprehensive set of tools for creators, media companies & brands to engage fans & superfans online & IRL managing rewards, payments, content distribution and IP rights. Established in 2021 Nandi Labs, grew out of an African digital art collective spanning Africa and the diaspora. Our goal is to transform the way African & Black culture is digitally consumed & empower its creators connecting them directly to their fans & super fans.


Limited Discovery - Existing NFT market discovery is driven by financial returns & speculation instead of personalized content themes that most consumers are accustomed

Complexity – The most popular platforms almost seem to pride themselves on participants doing their own research, as opposed to being intuitive. This is most easily seen in the check out experience for consumers.

Misaligned Values – Most creators & brands are focused on their audience while the existing streaming content & social media platforms are built to own & monetize fans more than creators themselves. The balance needs to shift to shift. Most NFT markets are oriented around financially driven collectors instead of content stores for avid fans of creators & focus less on discovery & creator profiles.

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