The Collab Studio is the innovation engine that embeds the African & Black digital creators within Nandi to unlock financial opportunities within the animation & gaming ecosystem supporting brands & creators.

The focus is to collaboratively develop 3d designs, music, gaming, film and other digital fine arts to launch on Nandi market. Creators & Brands will be able to engage with the Collab Studio to commission their own Web3 drops in direct sourced and gamified design competitions that engage the creator & brand broader communities.

Our mission is to push digital boundaries to create sustainable prosperity for creators. We’ve been surprised how revolutionary that simple concept is when it comes to Black creators especially. Commissioned projects alone for the Collab Studio are unable to enable the broadest set of Black creators to achieve prosperity, we also don’t believe creator participation on a profit centric marketplace achieve those aim. We believe the community must fund itself & create a sustainable model that supports the African Digital Art collective & the Black creator community writ large to develop their own projects and broader community initiatives.

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