A central part of Nandi’s value proposition is connecting creators directly to their audience. A key component is our Hub so that creators develop relationships beyond transaction with their audience

The Nandi Hub serves as our launchpad for services & tools for top creators & brands to easily create and manage NFTs without any tech skills – by partnering with project creators.

Nandi’s team has some of the most experienced Web 3 experts that have been entrusted with projects by creators featured at Sotheby’s to award winning international film studios to supporting the launch of the world’s first government backed NFT project! Our tools layer on top of a first class partnership directly with the Nandi team when African & Black brands & top creators want to connect to their fans & super fans.

Opportunities in Web3 for brands & creators are only limited by their imagination. Brands can launch metaverse properties, grant VR access, utilize gaming incentives, merge with physical retail or ecommerce experiences. As a result, the Hub provides several specific benefits:

Pre-Launch Community Building

  • Art Curation

  • Community Design Competition

  • Discord Management

  • Unified Mobile Audience Communication (coming soon)

Launch: Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Partnerships

  • Influencer Network

  • Free Whitelisting Tool & Launch Page (coming soon)

Post Launch: Web3 Consultation

  • Launch Mechanics

  • Whitelist Strategy

  • Project Financial Modeling

  • Multi-Chain Smart Contract Customization

  • Intros to 3D utility community solutions

  • Tokenomics


While any brand can benefit from an NFT strategy, Nandi has identified several sectors with immediate benefits and sizeable existing audiences:

  • SPORTS: We are targeting sizeable audiences & global footprints like football & baseball, and motorsports.

  • MUSIC: Black America, the Caribbean & Africa have a number of global & regional stars who are extremely popular on global stages and submarkets, like Francophone or Soca. Again, working with Celebrities with audiences that are sizeable & maintain a global footprint yet are not widely known to mainstream audiences.

  • BRANDS: Global brands and their Black, African & Caribbean counterparts can benefit from tapping into Web3 as an alternative or an addition to traditional marketing integrations

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