The Nandi Market Hub & Platform will provide creators, fans & brands, a seamless engagement experience leveraging Nandi rewards, localized & international cash payments and crypto. Keys to enabling this in Black & African communities is to obscure away the crypto complexity, focusing on the creators and their communities regardless of the blockchain.

Carbon Negative/Neutral Pledge: Our blockchain choices, Celo, Near, Solana, BSC and more are reflective of the values our community has vocalized around energy consumption. Carbon negativity or neutrality are seen as table stakes. So any chain we onboard, will be prioritized by their climate impact and we will increase the transaction fees on the smart contract to reflect the purchase of carbon offsets for chains that do not do so themselves.

Creator/Brand/Curated Collections: Creators, Brands & Curators can mint collections of NFTs with a predetermined number of copies and specified rarity properties.

Community & Access Tokens: Reward your most loyal fans by offering exclusive NFTs available only to your existing NFT holders. Manage membership like a community or a decentralized loyalty program.

Demand Generation: We are focused on creating that demand through partnerships, seamless fiat onboarding, integrating with technology bridges with & unlocking the 1.3 billion population of Africa through payment system innovations that mirror Web3 onboarding infrastructure available in other markets.

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