The $NANDI utility token supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens and all tokens allocated to the community will be earned by engagement throughout the Nandi ecosystem – from creators selling and contributing to brand design competitions to lovers of culture reading content or buying NFTs in Nandi Market.

Reward System

Monthly $NANDI tokens will be issued to all ecosystem actors, Nandi Cowry NFT holders will rewarded at accelerated levels based on the rarity of their NFTs. A pillar of our values is to reward intrinsically motivated artistry and engagement instead of the financialization of art & culture. Consequently, buying, selling and Nandi Cowry NFT ownership are only considered in a basket of factors around participatory economics.

Moreover, Nandi Cowry NFT ownership is only the 1st step, holders must engage on Nandi to receive the benefits of ownership related to governance & curation.

Use Case

Nandi token benefits include:

  • Early Access to Drops

  • Event Admissions

  • Voting

  • Brand & Creator Rewards

  • Staking

  • Purchase Land in Digital FESTAC

  • DeFi

Since $NANDI will be tied to the wallet address of the Nandi Cowry holder at the point of ownership, the governance & curation rights do not convey simultaneously unless sold with the Nandi Cowry NFT. This reinforces the intrinsic value of the $NANDI and ties that to the ongoing appreciation of Nandi Cowry NFTs.

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